Responsible Gambling

F Simmonds & Son's is committed to keep gambling fair and safe for all and helping to limit the number of problem gamblers.

We recognise our duty to encourage responsible gaming through the conscientious operation and regulation of our business.

The company is a member and an active supporter of key trade associations such as BACTA (The Britsh, Amusement Catering and Trade Association) and the IOA (Independent Operators Association).

F Simmonds & Sons are licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission

Operating licence no  000-040652-N-319877-004

F Simmonds & Sons would like to make any visitors to this website aware of the opportunities for help and advice available to anyone with issues concerning gambling addiction or other related problems. The following organisations listed below may be helpful: 


Telephone: 0808 8020 133

Gamblers Anonymous 
Telephone: 0207 384 3040

Responsibility in Gambling Trust
Telephone: 0207 953 3878

For further information please visit


We are a member of the I-O-A Group



Information on what duty is payable on all machine games.


Information for businesses providing gambling services and responsible gambling duties.